Stepwing is an exciting new fitness tool and transporter for you to take the gym outside.  


You can use it for commuting to work, getting around the city, off-road or just for a fun way of exercising.  Anyone can learn to use it in just a few minutes.


It’s easy to use, compact, and safe, and has loads of benefits that a traditional bicycle does not give you.  It’s easy to store and transport.   Its small and nimble so you can get around everywhere but best of all, the upright riding position gives you great vision all around you and you won’t suffer from a sore bum, lower back pain or saddle sores.  By standing up, you engage your core muscles much more, and because Stepwing is driven by a stepping action, you will be working your quads, your glutes, your calves and your hamstrings for a great toning workout.

The natural stepping action of a Stepwing protects your joints, and does not put pressure on your knees, hips, back, neck and bum so the ride is comfortable and gives you an incredibly effective cardiovascular workout whilst toning your muscles.

Maintenance is easy as the design is simple and Stepwing uses conventional bike parts

Young or old, big or small, Stepwing is for everyone!



Stepwing is everything awesome about riding a bike, without the parts that hurt.


If pain is keeping you from the adventure, camaraderie and fun of cycling, you’re not alone. 

85% of recreational cyclists report pain in their wrists, back, neck and/or groin after a ride.*

*SOURCE: An epidemiological analysis of overuse injuries among recreational cyclists. Int J Sports Med. 1995; 16:201-206. Wilber CA, Holland CJ, Madison RE, Loy SF.

Galaxy 1 - The City Slicker

Compact, lightweight and the best way to get about town.  

  • 12 Inch Wheels

  • Foldable, easy to store and carry!

  • Only 11kg

  • Single speed, no fuss

  • Available in 5 colours​​

  • 12 Inch Wheels

  • Foldable, easy to store and carry!

  • Only 11kg

  • Single speed, no fuss

  • Available in 5 colours​​

Only £399

Red​              Blue              Sky Blue              White               Pink

Titan 1 - For Serious Stepping!

  • 20 Inch Wheels

  • Fixed stem - for a solid ride

  • Steel Frame

  • Single gear

  • Available in 4 colours​​

Only £449

Black              Yellow              Blue              Red

Titan 3 - The top dog!

  • 20 Inch Wheels

  • Foldable stem

  • Steel Frame

  • Shimano 3-speed - For speed & slopes!

  • Available in 2 colours​​

Black              Yellow              

Only £499


    About Stepwing    

Take the gym outside in comfort & style

  • Ride free of back, neck, groin or hip pain - even if you've had injuries! Low impact and always good posture.

  • Tone where it matters - Legs, core and arms, it's a full body workout!

  • Have fun and turn heads

  • Compact and lightweight - smaller than a bicycle, take it anywhere!

  • Be seen - above cars and cyclists with a 360 degree view!

  • Easy to ride - After just a few minutes you can be riding like a pro