Pete Dewbery

Hi, I'm Pete.

I'm the owner of Stepwing UK.  My background is in health and fitness, which started as a lifeguard when I was fresh faced 16-year old.  In the years between then and now, I've become a personal trainer, ran hotels and bars in the French alps, trekked around Europe & North America, completed triathlons, marathons, and more races and events than I care to count.

As a personal trainer, I've trained celebrities, elite athletes, politicians, models and lots of trendy people that us personal trainers like to talk about, but more rewarding than that are the thousands of "normal people" just like you and me, who I've seen achieve things they never thought possible.  I've helped people recover from life-long afflictions and injuries, I've helped people recover from major surgery, and I've helped people lose weight, tone muscles and give themselves a new positive outlook on their bodies.

It is whilst I was at my other job as Managing Director of Fitness In Time Ltd that inspired me to help develop Stepwing and bring it to the UK.  When chatting to the members of my gyms I would try and encourage them to run or cycle for cardiovascular exercise, and I would always be told that it couldn't be done because they found the position uncomfortable or it aggravated bad backs, hips, knees or bums.  And so I started searching for another solution.  What people needed was something which offered the simplicity and convenience of a folding bicycle, with a more comfortable riding position.  Everything on the market already, was either impractical, too expensive or too complicated.

And so Stepwing was born.  I've been working with a leading bicycle manufacturer to produce something ideal for the UK market, affordable and something I hope will revolutionise transport...but one step at a time.

Thank you for taking an interest in this project, and please tell everyone you know about us.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to work with Stepwing, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  I'd love to hear from you. Drop me an e-mail:

We are currently on the lookout for brand ambassadors, marketers, social media experts, brand representatives and many more!

Geoff Burrows

Marketing & Sales Consultant

Geoff is the marketing & sales guru behind the business.  Geoff has been supplying the UK with Fitness Equipment for many years, and so knows everything there is to know about retail and importing.  Geoff splits his time between the UK and Germany, but is a keen traveller, and recently has explored Czech Republic, Florida, Japan and Cuba - Next stop, Thailand!

Monika Albert

Product Design

Monika was the first person in Europe to get her hands on a Stepwing, and since then we don't think she has put it down.  Her Titan 3 has been fully customised with a basket, bell and lights, and she uses it on a daily basis.

Monika's eye for design and practicality has been invaluable!

Ross Jennings

Photography and Social Media Consultant

Recently named Flight Centre's Travel Photography Blogger Of 2017, Ross has been lending his creative eye to capturing the majesty of Stepwing.

Once you have ordered your Stepwing, check out his blog as Ross attempts to be the first person to Bagpipe in every country in the world!

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Established in 1972, the company originated from a bicycle component manufacturing company.  OEM & ODM for world famous companies such as GIANT, MERIDA, GHOST, FELT, OBEA, KHS, GENESIS, RALEIGH UK, SEGWAY, RADIO FLYER, MADD, M-CRO , YVOLUTION and specialized in R&D, manufacture and marketing of bicycle parts , sports fitness and rehabilitation equipment.

Following global trends, HL Corp. conducted research and development into sport recreational products, designed and created STEPWING in 2013, becoming one of the few companies making efforts to develop sport recreational and transporting products simultaneously!

Hshin Lung Accessories Co. Ltd is the manufacturer and designer of BRIZON -STEPWING.