How can I get a Stepwing?

Until very recently, we would have told you that unfortunately, you can't...

However, our first stock of Stepwing is heading for the UK right now! But there is a very limited stock, so don't wait - click on the SHOP link at the top of this page and place your order before they run out!

When My Stepwing Arrives

When you unpack your Stepwing, after jumping for joy, it will require some simple assembly.  The best thing to do is have a read of the instruction manual included, then go to our youtube channel and assemble your Stepwing along with Pete.  Don’t panic, it’s very easy to do, and everything you need is included in the box.


Learning to ride

Again, we’ve made some great instructional videos to show you the basics, so watch these before you try it out.  If you can, try and find a wide, open space to learn the basics, ideally flat ground with no obstructions.

Can I ride on the roads?

A difficult question to answer as the the Highways Act 1835 is very very outdated!  We suggest you read this article for a more in depth look at the complicated issue!


Should I wear a helmet?

Depending on the country you are in, you might be required to wear a helmet by law in which case, yes, absolutely you must.


If you are not required by law to wear a helmet when riding a Stepwing, it is up to you, however, helmets save lives.  Wearing a helmet does not make you look silly, and it really isn’t that much trouble to pop one on, so be smart and wear a helmet.


How do I fold my Stepwing for storage?

The G1 is the model that folds.  You will find the clasp on the front of the handlebar stem.  Simply slide down the button and then pull the clasp forward.  When the handlebar is folded down, you will see a clip between the footplates that can be attached to hold it in place.  Hey presto.  However, The Titan 3 also has a folding stem to make storage and transport easier.

What checks should I make before riding?

Before jumping on, check that all springs and footplates attached, there is no play in the handle bar (it doesn’t move without the front wheel moving too) and that if you have a folding model, the stem is secure and the kickstand is up.  You should also check that all bolts are tight and nothing has come lose.


Help! My Stepwing is broken!

Ok, don’t panic.  Firstly, are you sure?  Check everything is in place and where it should be.  It is possible over time that screws and nuts can work themselves loose, so tighten everything that needs to be tightened.  Certain parts do wear out over time such as tyres and brakes – all of these should be easily fixed at your local bike repair shop.  Everything else has a 1-year warranty, so get in touch with us at hello@stepwing.co.uk and we will get one of the boffins to come up with a solution.

What is your returns policy?

If your Stepwing is faulty, please contact us immediately and we will find a solution - this will be done on a case by case basis and might be by sending you replacement parts, exchanging it for a new one or if it is something simple, telling you how to repair it (although they are extremely well made and inspected before shipping!). You are protected by the consumer contract regulations and therefore have 14-days from the date you receive your Stepwing to return it to us for a refund.  This will be at your own cost and it must be unopened in the original packaging.  You will receive a refund within 14-days of when we receive your Stepwing however there me be a deduction if it has been used, or if anything is missing.

Where is Stepwing made?

When you are looking for transport on 2 wheels, there is only one place to go, the spiritual home of the bicycle - China!  


Hsin Lung Accessories Co Ltd have been making award-winning bicycle parts for over 40 years, everything from handlebars to seat posts.  They are equipped with world-class research, design and production facilities and so they have been critical in the design and development of Stepwing.  All Stepwing are sustainably manufactured in Taiwan.