Boom! The press have found us!

After just a few days, we have had our first bit of press!

This fantastic website called got in touch to ask if they could feature Stepwing! they said they loved the design, and so have written this great article!

It's a neat website, and I managed to get lost for ages looking at the great designs they have, everything from bikes to bungalows!

designboom is based in milan, beijing and new york and has gained a global reach of 4 million readers and 450.000 newsletter subscribers!

If you know any journalists or editors (or even the person who thinks up the headlines in a newspaper) please feel free to put them in touch with us, we'd love them to help us spread the word about Stepwing and get us funded!

We are only a very small startup, and unfortunately don't really have a budget for adverts so all of our advertising comes from people who love our products and want to feature us - We don't pay them to write nice things, so you can trust it!

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